Air Armour™

 Decontamination Solution & Environmental Eco-Cure

The Air Armour™ Process Decontamination Solution employs a blend that includes ordinary household substances such as those found in hair conditioner and laundry detergent that neutralize both chemical and biological agents in less than 30 minutes, but is environmentally friendly. Once applied, the solution draws the contamination into the liquid where the hazard is chemically altered, rendering the contamination harmless.

It is employed as a fog to ensure the perfect and even diffusion of the disinfectant throughout the area and on all the surfaces treated, including those which are normally inaccessible or hidden. The Air Armour™ process restores environmental hygiene, as it reduces the concentration of air and surface contamination to undetectable levels.

Air Armour™ Indoor Air Quality

Air Armour™ revolutionizes the remediation process for all indoor contaminants, restoring indoor air quality in as little as 24 hours at a fraction of the cost of traditional remediation.

  • Proven effective against all known microbiological contaminants including mold, bacteria, and viruses, The Air Armour™ Process also neutralizes mycotoxins, pathogens, allergens, and the odors they cause.
  • The solution used in the Air Armour™ process has been tested to be non-damaging and non-staining on nearly all surfaces and fabrics.

The chemical compound used in the Air Armour™ Process is a patented formula – Advantages for Homeland Security Forces

  • Proven effective against known chemical and biological warfare agents, and a variety of toxic industrial chemicals. The public can be confidently assured that any hazard has been completely neutralized.
  • Environmentally friendly with no toxic byproducts and safe to pour down drains or run off into sewer systems.
  • Non-corrosive and tested safe to use on almost all materials, minimizing damage so that affected areas can quickly be returned to normal use.
  • Rapid deployment to begin hazard mitigation immediately. Air Armour™ can be mixed and ready for use in about a minute.
  • Easy clean up with water to rinse away any residue.

Proven Effective

The original formulation has been proven to effectively neutralize chemical and biological warfare agents, including Anthrax, Sarin, Mustard, VX, and Soman; as well as a variety of toxic industrial chemicals.

The formulation is EPA-registered and has been successfully tested by the US Military and a host of other accredited testing institutions.

Environmentally Friendly

The Air Armour™ Process irreversibly breaks down the molecular structure of chemical agents into non-toxic sub-components, so there are no toxic byproducts. It is safe to pour down drains, to drip onto the ground, or to run off into sewer systems after use without causing any ecological damage.


The Air Armour™ Process has been proven safe for use on a wide variety of materials. Concrete, asphalt, wood, ceramic, carpet, fabric, leather, steel and aluminum are just a few of the many surfaces tested.

One Minute Preparation

Air Armour™ can be rapidly deployed because the solution can be fully mixed in about one minute. Once mixed, Air Armour™ is fully effective for up to 8 hours.

Easy Application

Air Armour™ can be used as a foam, liquid, mist, or spray. Foam application has the benefits of providing an easy visual reference for application coverage, greatest coverage per gallon, and allows the formulation to adhere to surfaces to maintain the required contact time. The foam is used primarily in meth-lab remediation.

Easy Clean Up

Because the solution used in The Air Armour™ Process is non-toxic and environmentally benign, clean up is simple using a sponge mop and water to rinse away any residue.