Air Armour Decon Protocol

Air Armour Kit Contents:
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
Hooded Disposable Protective Coverall Suit  (2)
Disposable Nitrile Gloves XL (4 pairs)
Safety Glasses (2)


Funnel (1)
Plastic Bottle with Sprayer (1)
Terry Towel (4)
1 Pint Mixing Cup (1)
9 x12 drop cloth (1)

2 Gallons of DECON PRO (1-gallon Part A 1-gallon part B)
Suggested Protocol for Using the Air Armour™ Decon Kit

Note: please become familiar with all product and equipment manuals and watch instructional video before proceeding.
It is always important to follow the Principles of Mold Remediation in preparing the proper Scope of Work for incorporating Bio‐Oxygen® DECON PRO for use in a mold project. Bio‐Oxygen® DECON PRO can be applied using a ULV MST Sprayer (preferred method) or a spray bottle (wet application)
It is recommended to wear appropriate personal protective equipment; Respiratory Protection: 3M 6003 Half-Face Mask with 3M 6003 Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge. Protective clothing: DuPont Tyvek Hooded Disposable Hazmat Coverall. Eye protection (Goggles) Hands protection: Nitrile Gloves. When using Bio‐Oxygen® DECON PRO thru the MST fogger.
Using the provided measure cup Mix the2 part-solution (50/50 ratio) as necessary for area (footage) For optimal performance use mixed solution within an 8-hour period.
• BIO OXYGEN® DECON PRO is a two-part solution (part A and part B) they are to be mixed equally and not diluted in any way.
• 1 gallon of mixed solution typically treats approximately 2000 to 2500 square feet, (typical 8’ ceiling construction). When using an Artemis MST Fogger
• You would also mix the product (50/50 ratio) when using in a spray bottle

1. Before you begin the application of DECON PRO to any room you must first vacate the area to be treated of any humans or animals, remove any food or food contact utensils, and disable or cover all smoke and fire detection units.
2. Cover aquariums and turn off aquarium aerator pumps. Cover sensitive wood furnishings (polished table, pianos, leather goods, paintings etc.) and sensitive electronics with protective tarp or drop cloths. DECON PRO solution can cause marks in polished finishes of wood furniture if applied heavily enough to cause run-off.
3. Enter property and turn HVAC fan to OFF position. (also turn off all air filtration devices (AFDs))
4. Be sure to close all windows and doors to minimize air flow.
5. Fill Artemis MST fogger with 1/2 gallon of DECON PRO product A and 1/2 gallon of DECON PRO product B using the funnel provided (repeat this process as needed throughout the duration as MST fogger empties)
6. Enter property and turn MST fogger to setting 4 on the black dial near end of hose.
7. Turn fogger on and treat every room with a generous amount of Mold 100. Be sure to treat every surface including all walls, flooring, and ceiling. Treat surface as if you were spraying paint. Depending on humidity* stand 4-6 feet from each surface and treat generously, but not to the point of saturation (run-off) or creating visible droplets. Be sure to apply DECON PRO into each HVAC vent as you travel throughout the property.
8. Cleaning HVAC system. Remove filter and or return air end cap of air handler. Direct fog unit into area and run fan in ‘fan on’ setting. Time of fogging is dependent on home size. Approximately 1-2 minutes should be adequate, or until fog is seen coming out of supply registers. Then shut off HVAC system.
9. Exit property and close all doors and allow DECON PRO to settle and dissipate. For severe contamination, a second fogging may be necessary.
*the ideal ambient temperature for the decontamination process is 60°F -70°F. If this cannot be achieved, you must adjust the particulate sizes of the fog by adjusting the toggle switch on the MST ULV Fogger to ensure you are treating and reaching all surfaces properly.

10. This is dependent on humidity (temperature) levels and the severity of the mold in structure. Typical reaction time is 4-6 hours, if this is a severe mold case, reaction time is 24 hours after the initial fogging. After reaction period, HEPA Vac all surfaces to remove dead mold spores.

11. Upon the completion of the reaction time the property is safe for re-occupancy. Remember the main objective during remediation is to allow DECON PRO to come in contact with all surfaces and wet out the contaminant. DECON PRO must remain in contact with the contaminate for
the required reaction time. Once complete, studies have demonstrated that the contaminate is destroyed along with the toxin and odorous affects.
For any protocol or usage questions please Contact RID MOLD @ 888-858-0810 or email we will be happy to help.

Proper Use of the Dupont Tyvek Suit

Proper Use of the Nitrile Gloves